Link to comment within issue in JIRA

AFAICT this is unsupported. This was requested by a (paying?) Jira customer a couple of years ago and was shot down: More recently this was requested again: and has yet to be addressed by Atlassian. For now the best you can do is take mliebelt’s advice and use the permalink.

JIRA Plugins: What do you use? [closed]

Here are the plugins I couldn’t live without: Timesheet report – Summarizes any user’s time spent over a weekly period: Charting plugin – Generate charts from any issue navigator: Subversion plugin – Link and view subversion commit history to a JIRA issue: Labels plugin – Lets you tag any JIRA issue and … Read more

Filter to show sub tasks of a filtered list of parent tasks

You can install the Craftforge JQL functions You then create a filter project = MyProject AND fixVersion = “1.1.1” and issuetype in standardIssueTypes() and status != Closed Call this filter for example ‘parentIssues’ Using the JQL issue in subtaskIssuesFromFilter(“parentIssues”) will retrieve all relevant subtask issues.

How to get “Project Id” to create a Direct Link?

This solution does not require admin rights: Navigate to https://jira.YOURDOMAIN.TLD/rest/api/2/project/YOURPROJECTNAME and read the id in the JSON response: { “self”:”https://jira.YOURDOMAIN.TLD/rest/api/2/project/YOURPROJECTNAME”, “id”:”12345″, ☜ Project Id “key”:”YOURPROJECTNAME”, “description”:.. : } Navigate to https://jira.YOURDOMAIN.TLD/rest/api/2/project to get a JSON list of projects. Bonus: here’s a one-liner in Groovy to get the ID: groovy -e “println new groovy.json.JsonSlurper().parseText(“https://jira.YOURDOMAIN.TLD/rest/api/2/project/YOURPROJECTNAME”.toURL().text)?.id ?: ‘not … Read more

JIRA vs TFS 2012 as full ALM system [closed]

Here are TFS advantages: TFS is an application life-cycle management (ALM) solution, but Jira is simply an issue tracker. Many features of TFS, e.g. source control and automatic builds are not supported in jira and you should use other solutions, e.g. Subversion or Bamboo to this aim. All TFS components, i.e. source control, issue tracker, … Read more