GitHub URL for latest release of the _download file_?

For releases that do not contain the version number or other variable content in their assets’ names, you can use a URL of the format: As per the docs: If you’d like to link directly to a download of your latest release asset you can link to /owner/name/releases/latest/download/

GitHub fork a repo from previous commit

You can only fork the current repository. You can reset the forked repository’s master branch to an earlier commit though, making it look like as if you had forked it at that point. See: How can I rollback a github repository to a specific commit? If you reset every branch, it effectively resets your repository … Read more

Can I embed source files from GitHub on my web page other than Gists?

You can try, which does exactly what you want. To embed the example file ICommand.cs in your question, you can just add “em” before “” in the address bar, then press Enter. Then you can get a script tag like this: <script src=””></script> Note if you simply click Run code snippet in StackOverflow, the … Read more

How to get GitHub Clone stats?

At least regarding clone, you now (August, 12th 2014) have a dedicated graph. (In 2019: Insights / Traffic) See “Clone Graphs” Our traffic graphs tab shows you a lot of information about who’s visiting your repository on the web. We’ve added a new graph to this tab, showing git clone activity. You can use it … Read more

Change Fork Name For Github

If you haven’t renamed already, you can just push all pending changes, rename, and just clone again. If you’ve already renamed, you should just update the origin on your local repos: git remote set-url origin git://

What are the status tags, like [build | passing]

What’s the purpose of these tags? These images are provided by external services, often continuous integration services, and are used to show interesting information about the repository. For example, the first badge you show in your example says that the build is “passing” (the exact definition of this will be build-specific, but it commonly means … Read more