Python docstrings to GitHub

The other answers are great. But I thought I (the OP) ought to share what I do these days (a year or two after the question). I use Sphinx and its Markdown extension. Do the following: TL;DR: See Gist snippet. Sphinx-markdown-builder You need sphinx-markdown-builder python module. pip install sphinx sphinx-markdown-builder; Run Sphinx Not the autodoc, … Read more

Collapsible header in Markdown to html

Try: <details> <summary>Your header here! (Click to expand)</summary> Your content here… > markup like blockquote’s should even work on github! more content here… </details> You can try this sort of thing here: <details> <summary>Your header here! (Click to expand)</summary> Your content here…</br> (markup only where supported)</br> more content here…</br> </details> This works for me with … Read more

Tab space in Markdown

This can be helpful Type nbsp to add a single space. Type ensp to add 2 spaces. Type emsp to add 4 spaces. You can use non-breaking space (nbsp) 4 times to insert a tab. Please append & in the beginning and ; in the end of the above suggested space syntax