Accepting output of the socket generated by Python in MQL5

Please find a running example. Important element is to create byte object of the payload instead of string before you send as reply. socket object produces and ingests only bytes import socket import threading import sys def actual_work(data): print(data) return b’ACK’ def daemon(): sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM) sock.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEADDR, 1) sock.bind((‘’, 6666)) print(“Listening on udp … Read more

How to avoid overlapping when there’s hundreds of nodes in networkx?

You can use interactive graphs by plotly to plot such a large number of nodes and edges. You can change every attribute like canvas size etc and visualize it more easily by zooming other actions. Example: Import plotly import plotly.graph_objects as go import networkx as nx Add edges as disconnected lines in a single trace … Read more

Can you use OpenCV solvePNP with a equirectangular image?

At first, you should compute the intrinsic parameters of the camera, that is the focal length, the optical center and the distortion parameters, so afterwards you can compute the pose of your camera. Since your image seems to be somehow wide lens, you should use cv.calibrateCamera() as described here. You should enable the CV_CALIB_RATIONAL_MODEL flag … Read more

Run Python Debugger (pdb) in Sublime Text 3

If you don’t want to deal with additional packages, you can create a snippet to set the breakpoint for you. <snippet> <content><![CDATA[import pdb;pdb.set_trace()]]></content> <tabTrigger>pdb</tabTrigger> <scope>source.python</scope> <description>Insert a breakpoint</description> </snippet> The above snippet will trigger whenever you type pdb in your code. Instructions On a Mac Navigate to Tools -> Developer -> New Snippet Replace the … Read more

Python double free error for huge datasets

After discussions on the same issue on the Numpy Github page ( it has been brought to my attention that Numpy/Scipy will not support such a large number of non-zeros in the resulting sparse matrix. Basically, W is a sparse matrix, and Q (or np.log(Q)-1) is a dense matrix. When multiplying a dense matrix with … Read more

How can I add post-install scripts to easy_install / setuptools / distutils?

It depends on how the user installs your package. If the user actually runs “ install”, it’s fairly easy: Just add another subcommand to the install command (say, install_vim), whose run() method will copy the files you want in the places where you want them. You can add your subcommand to install.sub_commands, and pass the … Read more

Can one perform a left join in pandas that selects only the first match on the right?

Yes, you can use groupby to remove your duplicate lines. Do everything you’ve done to define left and right. Now, I define a new dataframe on your last line: left2=left.merge( right, how=’left’, on=’age’ ) df= left2.groupby([‘age’])[‘salary’].first().reset_index() df At first I used a .min(), which will give you the minimum salary at each age, as such: … Read more