Reuse a hash in YAML

Try reusing a full group by importing it: Defaults: &defaults Company: foo Item: 123 Computer: <<: *defaults Price: 3000 Documentation:

Maximum MIME type length when storing the type in a database

According to RFC 4288 “Media Type Specifications and Registration Procedures”, type (eg. “application”) and subtype (eg “vnd…”) both can be max 127 characters. So including the slash, the maximum length is 255. Edit: Meanwhile, that document has been obsoleted by RFC 6838, which does not alter the maximum size but adds a remark: Also note … Read more

What is the difference between Unit, Integration, Regression and Acceptance Testing?

Briefly: Unit testing – You unit test each individual piece of code. Think each file or class. Integration testing – When putting several units together that interact you need to conduct Integration testing to make sure that integrating these units together has not introduced any errors. Regression testing – after integrating (and maybe fixing) you … Read more