Spring WebSocket @SendToSession: send message to specific session

No need to create specific destinations, it’s already done out of the box as of Spring 4.1 (see SPR-11309). Given users subscribe to a /user/queue/something queue, you can send a message to a single session with: As stated in the SimpMessageSendingOperations Javadoc, since your user name is actually a sessionId, you MUST set that as … Read more

Why do I get a KeyError when using pandas apply?

As answered by EdChum in the comments. The issue is that apply works column wise by default (see the docs). Therefore, the column names cannot be accessed. To specify that it should be applied to each row instead, axis=1 must be passed: test.apply(lambda x: find_max(x,test,’document_id’,’confidence_level’,’category_id’), axis=1)

How do I run the same docker-compose.yml several times on same docker daemon with different names?

So, I focused too much on using directives to alter container names manually. The solution was much easier. docker-compose -p anything run code mvn clean test docker-compose -p anything_else run code mvn clean test So, this is the project name solution. Docker compose will use the value given with the option -p as a prefix … Read more

iter() not working with datetime.now()

This is definitely a bug introduced in Python 3.6.0b1. The iter() implementation recently switched to using _PyObject_FastCall() (an optimisation, see issue 27128), and it must be this call that is breaking this. The same issue arrises with other C classmethod methods backed by Argument Clinic parsing: >>> from asyncio import Task >>> Task.all_tasks() set() >>> … Read more

“sill pacote range manifest” means what?

sill After reading npmlog module source code (which is used by npm), I believe the word sill come from silly, which means the most detail log level in npm install process. There are 9 levels of log in npmlog: silent, error, warn, notice, http, timing, info, verbose, silly. log.addLevel(‘silly’, -Infinity, { inverse: true }, ‘sill’) … Read more

Github Pull Requests template not showing

You must create templates on the repository’s default branch. Templates created in other branches are not available for collaborators to use. You can store your pull request template in the repository’s visible root directory, the docs folder, or the hidden .github directory. Pull request template filenames are not case sensitive, and can have an extension … Read more