Docker entrypoint and cmd together

When you use both entrypoint and command, the command section will be appended to entrypoint executable as arguments. Thus in your case: ENTRYPOINT [“/”] CMD [“aptly”, “api”, “serve”] Is equivalent to running: ENTRYPOINT[“/”, “aptly”, “api”, “serve”]

How to view docker logs from vscode remote container?

I’m not using remote containers, just local once, so not sure if this applies but for locally running containers, you can go to the “Docker” tab (you need to install the official Microsoft Docker VS Code Plugin) where you can see your running containers. Just right-click on the container you want to see the logs … Read more

Docker compose port forwarding not working properly

In my case, I was using docker-compose run without the –service-ports argument, so port mappings were ignored. Example: docker-compose.yml version: “3” services: app-host: image: nginx:1.19.0-alpine working_dir: /app volumes: – ./:/app/ ports: – “80:3000” command docker-compose run –service-ports app-host References: discussion forum docker-compose documentation

Dockerfile, how install snap, snapd: unrecognized service

first of all, you don’t want to install the “snap” package, as it is not related to “snapd”. Secondly, myself stumbled across this issue of installing snapd within a docker container: TLDR; Running snapd that way is currently not supported. But that question has been asked already at the snapcraft forums. One of snapd’s dependencies … Read more