Finding moving average from data points in Python

As numpy.convolve is pretty slow, those who need a fast performing solution might prefer an easier to understand cumsum approach. Here is the code: cumsum_vec = numpy.cumsum(numpy.insert(data, 0, 0)) ma_vec = (cumsum_vec[window_width:] – cumsum_vec[:-window_width]) / window_width where data contains your data, and ma_vec will contain moving averages of window_width length. On average, cumsum is about … Read more

Python Error: AttributeError: __enter__ [duplicate]

More code would be appreciated (specifically the ParamExample implementation), but I’m assuming you’re missing the __enter__ (and probably __exit__) method on that class. When you use a with block in python, the object in the with statement gets its __enter__ method called, the block inside the with runs, and then the __exit__ gets called (optionally … Read more