Method Within A Method

If by nested method, you mean a method that is only callable within that method (like in Delphi) you could use delegates. public static void Method1() { var method2 = new Action(() => { /* action body */ } ); var method3 = new Action(() => { /* action body */ } ); //call them … Read more


I’m betting you just need to refresh the datagrid. Try this: dataGridView1.Rows.Clear(); dataGridView1.Refresh(); If this works… you might want to rethink this part of your application.

Proper validation with MVVM

Warning: Long answer also I use the IDataErrorInfo interface for validation, but I have customised it to my needs. I think that you’ll find that it solves some of your problems too. One difference to your question is that I implement it in my base data type class. As you pointed out, this interface just … Read more