Twitter Bootstrap tabs not working: when I click on them nothing happens

You need to add tabs plugin to your code <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> Well, it didn’t work. I made some tests and it started working when: moved (updated to 1.7) jQuery script to <head> section added data-toggle=”tab” to links and id for <ul> tab element changed $(“.tabs”).tabs(); to $(“#tabs”).tab(); and some other things that shouldn’t matter … Read more

Border Height on CSS

I have another possibility. This is of course a “newer” technique, but for my projects works sufficient. It only works if you need one or two borders. I’ve never done it with 4 borders… and to be honest, I don’t know the answer for that yet. .your-item { position: relative; } .your-item:after { content: ”; … Read more

Changing image on hover with CSS/HTML

Another option is to use JS: <img src=”” onmouseover=”this.src=”LibraryHoverTrans.png”;” onmouseout=”this.src=””;” />

Inline tags vs. inline css properties

Style rules can be attached using: External Files In-page Style Tags Inline Style Attribute Generally, I prefer to use linked style sheets because they: can be cached by browsers for performance; and are a lot easier to maintain for a development perspective. However, your question is asking specifically about the style tag versus inline styles. … Read more

What is currently the best way to get a favicon to display in all browsers that support Favicons? [duplicate]

I go for a belt and braces approach here. I create a 32×32 icon in both the .ico and .png formats called favicon.ico and favicon.png. The icon name doesn’t really matter unless you are dealing with older browsers. Place favicon.ico at your site root to support the older browsers (optional and only relevant for older … Read more

Scale SVG to container without mask/crop

You absolutely must have a viewBox attribute on your SVG element that describes the bounding box of the contents you want to be always visible. (The file that you link to does not; you’ll want to add one.) To cause your SVG to fill an HTML element, put the CSS attribute position:relative (or position:absolute or … Read more