Keydown Simulation in Chrome fires normally but not the correct key

So very very close… You just needed to override the ‘which’ property. Here’s some sample code: document.addEventListener(‘keydown’, e => console.log( ‘altKey : ‘ + e.altKey + ‘\n’ + ‘charCode (Deprecated) : ‘ + e.charCode + ‘\n’ + ‘code : ‘ + e.code + ‘\n’ + ‘ctrlKey : ‘ + e.ctrlKey + ‘\n’ + ‘isComposing : … Read more

2019, Chrome 76, approach to autocomplete off

Update, January 2020: It appears that as of Chrome 79, Autocomplete (as defined here) no longer treats autocomplete=”some-unrecognised-value” as equal to autocomplete=”on”, so autocomplete=”nope” or similar is now effective at disabling both Autocomplete and Autofill. Update, April 2020: They changed it again. As of Chrome 81, autocomplete=”some-unrecognised-value” is no longer effective at disabling the Autocomplete … Read more

Multiple detached webview instances seen in chrome devices while navigating in hybrid android app

So the way these web inspectors work is that they use the RemoteDebug Protocol. This protocol defines the various messages and commands that are exchanged to let you ‘inspect’ your pages. One instance of the inspector can only connect to one client at a time. So assuming that you are switching to and fro web-views … Read more

Firefox does not seem to be faster using the asm.js profile, yet Chrome is

When you run code in Firefox, you can often see huge drop in speed for asm.js calls, which is most probably caused either by repeated compilation (which is visible in console) or by cost of js-to-asm calls. This hypothesis is further strenghtened by Luke Wagner, implementor of asm.js: one performance fault that we already know … Read more

How to open a Chrome Profile through –user-data-dir argument of Selenium

As per your code trials you were trying to load the Default Chrome Profile which will be against all the best practices as the Default Chrome Profile may contain either of the following: Extensions Bookmarks Browsing History etc So the Default Chrome Profile may not be in compliance with you Test Specification and may raise … Read more