Java collections faster than c++ containers?

This sort of statement is ridiculous; people making it are either incredibly uninformed, or incredibly dishonest. In particular: The speed of dynamic memory allocation in the two cases will depend on the pattern of dynamic memory use, as well as the implementation. It is trivial for someone familiar with the algorithms used in both cases … Read more

DbContext ChangeTracking kills performance?

Is the technique at the end of this documentation useful? Alternatively, I’ve avoided many of the performance pitfalls using a fluent interface to declaratively state which entities in a given transaction for sure won’t change vs. might change (immutable vs. immutable). For example, if the entities I am saving are aggregate roots in which the … Read more

Changing CSS transform on scroll: jerky movement vs. smooth movement

You are able to get a visual performance boost by implementing will-change on elements. It is supported in recent browsers (excluding edge and no IE). The will-change CSS property hints to browsers how an element is expected to change. Browsers may set up optimizations before an element is actually changed. These kinds of optimizations can … Read more

Firefox does not seem to be faster using the asm.js profile, yet Chrome is

When you run code in Firefox, you can often see huge drop in speed for asm.js calls, which is most probably caused either by repeated compilation (which is visible in console) or by cost of js-to-asm calls. This hypothesis is further strenghtened by Luke Wagner, implementor of asm.js: one performance fault that we already know … Read more