Different ways of adding to a dictionary in C#

The performance is almost a 100% identical. You can check this out by opening the class in Reflector.net This is the This indexer: public TValue this[TKey key] { get { int index = this.FindEntry(key); if (index >= 0) { return this.entries[index].value; } ThrowHelper.ThrowKeyNotFoundException(); return default(TValue); } set { this.Insert(key, value, false); } } And this … Read more

PRE-2016 Valgrind: Still Reachable Leak detected by Valgrind

There is more than one way to define “memory leak”. In particular, there are two primary definitions of “memory leak” that are in common usage among programmers. The first commonly used definition of “memory leak” is, “Memory was allocated and was not subsequently freed before the program terminated.” However, many programmers (rightly) argue that certain … Read more

How to use printf with std::string

C++23 Update We now finally have std::print as a way to use std::format for output directly: #include <print> #include <string> int main() { // … std::print(“Follow this command: {}”, myString); // … } This combines the best of both approaches. Original Answer It’s compiling because printf isn’t type safe, since it uses variable arguments in … Read more

Method to add new or update existing item in C# Dictionary

Could there be any problem if i replace Method-1 by Method-2? No, just use map[key] = value. The two options are equivalent. Regarding Dictionary<> vs. Hashtable: When you start Reflector, you see that the indexer setters of both classes call this.Insert(key, value, add: false); and the add parameter is responsible for throwing an exception, when … Read more

Should I cast the result of malloc (in C)?

No; you shouldn’t cast the result, since: It is unnecessary, as void * is automatically and safely promoted to any other pointer type in this case. It adds clutter to the code, casts are not very easy to read (especially if the pointer type is long). It makes you repeat yourself, which is generally bad. … Read more

C# Console/CLI Interpreter?

Linqpad – I use it like this all the time. http://www.linqpad.net/ Don’t be misled by the name – that just describes the original motivation for it, not its functionality. Just recently he released a version with proper statement completion – that’s a chargeable add-on (the core tool is free), but a minute amount of money … Read more