What is the difference between Unit, Integration, Regression and Acceptance Testing?

Briefly: Unit testing – You unit test each individual piece of code. Think each file or class. Integration testing – When putting several units together that interact you need to conduct Integration testing to make sure that integrating these units together has not introduced any errors. Regression testing – after integrating (and maybe fixing) you … Read more

In ScalaTest is there any difference between `should`, `can`, `must`

should and must are the same semantically. But it’s not about better documentation, it’s basically just down to personal stylistic preference (I prefer must for example). can is a little different. You can’t (nomen omen) use it directly as a matcher, it’s only available in a test descriptor. Quote from FlatSpec: Note: you can use … Read more

DataTestMethod vs TestMethod

ShreyasRmsft commented the following on GitHub: Hi @cactuaroid DataTestMethod is not needed. Go ahead and use TestMethod with DataRows to data drive your tests. For any more doubts follow the official docs at https://github.com/microsoft/testfx-docs https://github.com/microsoft/testfx/issues/614 https://github.com/microsoft/testfx-docs/issues/64 So, according to Microsoft, it is preferred to use TestMethod over DataTestMethod.