How can I *exit* multi-cursor mode in VSCode from the keyboard?

This is the default setting, enabling Shiftescape to exit multi-cursor mode: { “key”: “shift+escape”, “command”: “removeSecondaryCursors”, “when”: “editorHasMultipleSelections && textInputFocus” }, So I’ve added the following to my own configuration, to enable the much more intuitive escape to exit multi-cursor mode: { “key”: “escape”, “command”: “removeSecondaryCursors”, “when”: “editorHasMultipleSelections && textInputFocus” },

VSCode environment variables besides ${workspaceRoot}

Be aware the ${workspaceRoot} variable has been deprecated in favor of the ${workspaceFolder} variable. It was deprecated (and no longer documented) in order to align better with Multi-root workspace support. You can find the list at this link: For posterity reasons I’m going to list the variables (I’ve been trying to find them as … Read more