Github Pull Requests template not showing

You must create templates on the repository’s default branch. Templates created in other branches are not available for collaborators to use. You can store your pull request template in the repository’s visible root directory, the docs folder, or the hidden .github directory. Pull request template filenames are not case sensitive, and can have an extension … Read more

GitHub URL for latest release of the _download file_?

For releases that do not contain the version number or other variable content in their assets’ names, you can use a URL of the format: As per the docs: If you’d like to link directly to a download of your latest release asset you can link to /owner/name/releases/latest/download/

Adding self-signed SSL certificate without disabling authority-signed ones

If you are using Git 1.8.5+ (August 2013), you can specify http directives per URL(!). In your case: git config –global http.””.sslVerify false # # or, if not on default 443 port: # git config –global http.”<aPort>/”.sslVerify false That would disable SSL verification only for, not for other URLs. Or: git config –global http.””.sslCAInfo … Read more

Force my local master to be origin/master

To have origin/master the same as master: git push -f origin master:master Discussion on the parameters: -f is the force flag. Normally, some checks are being applied before it’s allowed to push to a branch. The -f flag turns off all checks. origin is the name of the remote where to push (you could have … Read more