“git submodule update” failed with ‘fatal: detected dubious ownership in repository at…’

Silence all safe.directory warnings tl;dr Silence all warnings related to Git’s safe.directory system. Be sure to understand what you’re doing. git config –global –add safe.directory ‘*’ Long version Adapted from this post on I cannot add the parent directory to safe.directory in Git. I had the same issue and resolved it by disabling safe directory … Read more

How to avoid having to do “git branch –set-upstream”, and instead default to automatically setup remote tracking?

Git v2.37.1 and above If you are using the mentioned version or above you can use this new config entry to automatically setup remote tracking: git config –global push.autoSetupRemote true After that, when you do git push tracking is setup automatically. No need for git push -u origin my_branch A shortcut, which doesn’t depend on … Read more

Remove source control for Xcode project

There are three ways. Method 1 will disable source control for all projects. Method 2 will delete the link to a single repository for all projects. Method 3 will remove the link to a repository for a single project. I think Method 3 is the one you are looking for. 1: Through Source Control Management … Read more