In Xcode, is there a way to disable the timestamps that appear in the debugger console when calling NSLog?

NSLog() is what is doing that, not the debugger console. The easiest way to avoid it is to not use NSLog at all. You could use fprintf(), but that is a pain in that it doesn’t support %@ format types. I generally write a function for this: void MyLog(NSString *format, …) { va_list args; va_start(args, … Read more

How do you get to the XCode Provisioning Organizer?

In Xcode, select Organizer from the Window menu, and you will get a window that give you all sorts of information about your devices and provisioning profiles. Also, there is an application called iPhone Configuration Utility (on my computer, it is in the /Applications/Utilities folder), which has pretty much the same information as the Xcode … Read more

NSTextView with Smart Quotes disabled, still replaces quotes

You can disable smart quotes for your NSTextView with: self.textView.automaticQuoteSubstitutionEnabled = NO; Not setting the checkmark in the interface builder doesn’t seem to work since OS X 10.9 Mavericks. See NSTextView setAutomaticQuoteSubstitutionEnabled: Also you can use this for a more detailed control over the text replacement. self.textView.enabledTextCheckingTypes = 0; See NSTextView setEnabledTextCheckingTypes: Also in Mavericks … Read more