Link to comment within issue in JIRA

AFAICT this is unsupported. This was requested by a (paying?) Jira customer a couple of years ago and was shot down: More recently this was requested again: and has yet to be addressed by Atlassian. For now the best you can do is take mliebelt’s advice and use the permalink.

How to get “Project Id” to create a Direct Link?

This solution does not require admin rights: Navigate to https://jira.YOURDOMAIN.TLD/rest/api/2/project/YOURPROJECTNAME and read the id in the JSON response: { “self”:”https://jira.YOURDOMAIN.TLD/rest/api/2/project/YOURPROJECTNAME”, “id”:”12345″, ☜ Project Id “key”:”YOURPROJECTNAME”, “description”:.. : } Navigate to https://jira.YOURDOMAIN.TLD/rest/api/2/project to get a JSON list of projects. Bonus: here’s a one-liner in Groovy to get the ID: groovy -e “println new groovy.json.JsonSlurper().parseText(“https://jira.YOURDOMAIN.TLD/rest/api/2/project/YOURPROJECTNAME”.toURL().text)?.id ?: ‘not … Read more

Issues commented by me in JIRA

if you know the name of the user (lets assume the name is Tom you can do: issueFunction in commented(“by Tom”) you can also filter it by date of the comment like: issueFunction in commented(“after -1d by Tom”) UPDATE: this requires ScriptRunner being installed in JIRA server (as JBert pointed out)