How to do git cherry-pick –continue in SourceTree?

cherry-pick effectively applies the changes from commit A onto the working tree and makes a commit. This means if you get any conflicts during cherry-picking you need to commit after resolving them to finish the cherry-pick. EDIT Edward noted that this is only true when you are cherry-picking a single commit. When picking multiple commits … Read more

Install SourceTree without an Atlassian account?

Updated 2020-11-27 Happy to see that SourceTree allow users to skip the login procedure in version 3.3.9. For older versions: SouceTree uses accounts.json file to store account settings. It would skip the login process if there is an accounts.json file in your machine. So you can copy the accounts.json file in %AppData%\Atlassian\SourceTree\ to any other … Read more

IntelliJ Diff Tool in SourceTree

For OSX android studio i’ve accomplished with this steps: Open IntelliJ/Android Studio -> Tools -> Create Command Line Launcher After that, open SourceTree Preferences: and put “/usr/local/bin/studio” in Diff/Merge Command. Like this: Diff Arguments: diff $LOCAL $PWD/$REMOTE Merge Arguments: merge $PWD/$LOCAL $PWD/$REMOTE $PWD/$BASE $PWD/$MERGED And if everything it’s ok it should work.

Sourcetree/GIT – Cannot lock ref/reference broken, when pulling

The accepted solution provides details only about how OP got around the issue and it is not a definitive answer. For the sake of people like me who end up here from Google, Here is the solution that actually works. Lets say, if the error message looks like below, error: cannot lock ref ‘refs/remotes/origin/angular_removal’: unable … Read more