Install SourceTree without an Atlassian account?

Updated 2020-11-27 Happy to see that SourceTree allow users to skip the login procedure in version 3.3.9. For older versions: SouceTree uses accounts.json file to store account settings. It would skip the login process if there is an accounts.json file in your machine. So you can copy the accounts.json file in %AppData%\Atlassian\SourceTree\ to any other … Read more

Gitkraken Desktop App – Error login: “Please log in to continue”

The credentials asked for, are the credentials for the repo you are trying to access, not for your Gitkraken account, which is very confusing. If you are using, you would have to generate Git credentials. Do this by browsing to your project, click ‘Code‘ and then on the right top corner, there is a … Read more

SourceTree keeps asking for Github password

If you are using two-factor authentication with GitHub you will need to create a personal access token and use it with SourceTree: To work with GitHub’s two-factor authentication in SourceTree you can simply use your access token instead of your password. The steps to do this are as follows: Go to your Personal Access Tokens … Read more