NSTextField – White text on black background, but black cursor

Since in practice the NSText* returned by -currentEditor for an NSTextField is always an NSTextView*, I added the following code to my custom NSTextField subclass: -(BOOL) becomeFirstResponder { BOOL success = [super becomeFirstResponder]; if( success ) { // Strictly spoken, NSText (which currentEditor returns) doesn’t // implement setInsertionPointColor:, but it’s an NSTextView in practice. // … Read more

Ways to invoke python and Spyder on OSX

To make spyder callable from Spotlight or Finder: Locate where your spyder executable is by running in Terminal: which spyder This should yield ~/anaconda/bin/spyder if you installed spyder via Anaconda, /opt/local/bin/spyder if you used MacPorts or something similar. Create a file called spyder in your Applications directory and make it executable. Then, fill it with … Read more