How to use NodePort with kind?

Kind cluster configuration needs to be like below apiVersion: kind: Cluster nodes: – role: control-plane extraPortMappings: – containerPort: 30000 hostPort: 30000 listenAddress: “” # Optional, defaults to “” protocol: tcp # Optional, defaults to tcp – role: worker This file is then passed to your creation command as kind create cluster –config=config.yaml (according to … Read more

How to expose port ranges (like “3000-4000:3000-4000”) in docker-compose.yml file

There is possibly mistake in the syntax you are using. The ports are defined in the next line and after leaving some space. It should work and as specified in the reference. See example below: ports: – “3000” – “3000-3005” – “8000:8000” – “9090-9091:8080-8081” – “49100:22” – “” – “” – “6060:6060/udp”

Windows Kill Process By PORT Number [duplicate]

Solution 1: Kill Process Run command-line as an Administrator netstat -ano | findstr :<yourPortNumber> taskkill /PID <typeyourPIDhere> /F Solution 2: Change Port Please Make sure that new port you are going to set for your Application doesn’t listen to any other process Change the port server.port=8088 # Server HTTP port. Solution 3: Another way is … Read more