How to change the default port 5000 in Svelte?

The sveltejs/template uses sirv-cli. You can add –port or -p in your start:dev script in package.json. Instead of: “start:dev”: “sirv public –single –dev” Use: “start:dev”: “sirv public –single –dev –port 5555” You can see more of sirv-cli options:

Changing the default port for iPython notebook server / Jupyter

jupyter notebook –ip= –port=80 or ipython notebook –ip= –port=80 is what i did to run ipython in my vagrant box. (Opened up the ports on the vagrant box to access it on my host mac) usage: ipython [-h] [–certfile NOTEBOOKAPP.CERTFILE] [–ip NOTEBOOKAPP.IP] [–pylab [NOTEBOOKAPP.PYLAB]] [–log-level NOTEBOOKAPP.LOG_LEVEL] [–port-retries NOTEBOOKAPP.PORT_RETRIES] [–notebook-dir NOTEBOOKAPP.NOTEBOOK_DIR] [–config NOTEBOOKAPP.CONFIG_FILE] [–keyfile NOTEBOOKAPP.KEYFILE] [–port … Read more

scp with port number specified

Unlike ssh, scp uses the uppercase P switch to set the port instead of the lowercase p: scp -P 80 … # Use port 80 to bypass the firewall, instead of the scp default The lowercase p switch is used with scp for the preservation of times and modes. Here is an excerpt from scp’s … Read more