Can’t auto-generate IDENTITY with AddRange in Entity Framework

What was causing the problem? Enumerables! Take a look at the EDIT section in my question for the solution. EDIT: posting the updated code here as answer. The problem was in the way I used enumerables. Bottom line is you should never trust lazy loading when you need consistent results right away. public class Request … Read more

Git – Do colours mean something in vi when I commit?

Vi is giving you a hint about “properly” formatting your commit message. While there is no specific enforcement of one message style w.r.t. another, “traditionally” Git commit messages are structured this way: A short title describing the changeset (usually less than 50-60 characters); One blank line; A more complete description of the commit, optionally divided … Read more

View already-committed Git merge in external 3-way diff tool

Updated answer: My original version of the script below was flawed in the sense that $conflicting_files in fact did not contain only the files that really had conflicts, but all files that were changed in both parent branches (but not necessarily had conflicts). Also, it was not using “the configured merge tool” as advertized in … Read more