Android Facebook SDK: Check if the user is logged in or not

Facebook SDK 4.x versions have a different method now: boolean loggedIn = AccessToken.getCurrentAccessToken() != null; or by using functions boolean loggedIn; //… loggedIn = isFacebookLoggedIn(); //… public boolean isFacebookLoggedIn(){ return AccessToken.getCurrentAccessToken() != null; } Check this link for better reference check this heading too “Access Tokens and Profiles” it says “You can see if … Read more

What is an SDK? (C++)

An SDK is a set of libraries which hold reusable code that you in turn use to develop applications. Whether those applications will run in Windows, on an XBOX, and iPhone, in a Flash application, etc. determine what SDK you should be using. Take the iPhone for example. To write an iPhone application, you write … Read more

How to install Orca – which Windows SDK(s) contain the Orca MSI editing tool?

Thanks to the confirmation from @pnp0a03 that Orca is still present in modern Windows SDK ISOs, I was able to figure out an install process which does not require re-downloading the full ISO. It turns out that the Windows 10 SDK can install orca (though the file is now named orca-x86_en-us.msi) but it is not … Read more

How to Install Older iOS Simulators in XCode 4.2.1 (SDK5.0)

X-Code 4.2 will have iOS 5 simulator and library only. If you want lower version simulator and library with X-Code just goto X-Code->Prefrences-> Downloads Tab. In downloads tab you’ll have two tabs: 1) Components – Here you will have option to download iOS 4.3 simulator(~600 Mb), iOS 4.0-4.1(~670 MB) Device debugging support, iOS 3.0-3.2.2(686.3 MB) … Read more

Failed to get the required ADT version number from the

Please download a new SDK for Eclipse,Android Studio use another. Hope to help you! See Eclipse: Failed to get the required ADT version number from the SDK Download Old Version SDK

Flutter SDK is not found in the specified location – in Android Studio

The same problem faced me, but trying the above solution was not helpful. So I tried another thing: Open File Select settings from the File menu Select Languages & frameworks from the left panel Select Flutter Then from the right panel choose the location of your flutter SDK The location of flutter SDK is where … Read more