Basics of recursion in Python

Whenever you face a problem like this, try to express the result of the function with the same function. In your case, you can get the result by adding the first number with the result of calling the same function with rest of the elements in the list. For example, listSum([1, 3, 4, 5, 6]) … Read more

How to print the progress of a list comprehension in python?

tqdm Using the tqdm package, a fast and versatile progress bar utility pip install tqdm from tqdm import tqdm def process(token): return token[‘text’] l1 = [{‘text’: k} for k in range(5000)] l2 = [process(token) for token in tqdm(l1)] 100%|███████████████████████████████████| 5000/5000 [00:00<00:00, 2326807.94it/s] No requirement 1/ Use a side function def report(index): if index % 1000 … Read more

How to use Except method in list in c#

The Except method returns IEnumerable, you need to convert the result to list: list1 = list1.Except(list2).ToList(); Here’s a complete example: List<String> origItems = new List<String>(); origItems.Add(“abc”); origItems.Add(“def”); origItems.Add(“ghi”); List<String> newItems = new List<String>(); newItems.Add(“abc”); newItems.Add(“def”); newItems.Add(“super”); newItems.Add(“extra”); List<String> itemsOnlyInNew = newItems.Except(origItems).ToList(); foreach (String s in itemsOnlyInNew){ Console.WriteLine(s); } Since the only items which don’t exist … Read more