With iTerm2 on Mac, how to delete forward a word from cursor on command-line?

Preferences → Profile → Keys add the following shortcuts: ⌥← Send Escape Sequence Esc+ b ⌥→ Send Escape Sequence Esc+ f ⌘← Send Escape Sequence Esc+ [H ⌘→ Send Escape Sequence Esc+ [F ⌘←Delete Send Hex Code 0x18 0x7f (add bindkey “^X\\x7f” backward-kill-line to .zshrc if you use zShell) ⌥←Delete Send Hex Code 0x1B 0x08 … Read more

iTerm2 slide down over full screen app

Attention! See Update3 for new iTerm versions (works for 2.1.5) Original Answer This command allows iTerm to work over fullscreen apps defaults write ~/Applications/iTerm.app/Contents/Info LSUIElement true But it hides iTerm’s context menu. To access iTerm’s preferences, right-click on the tabs bar and select the proper menu item; or focus on any iTerm’s window and press … Read more