Is C NULL equal to C++11 nullptr

In C++11 and beyond, a pointer that is ==NULL will also ==nullptr and vice versa. Uses of NULL other than comparing with a pointer (like using it to represent the nul byte at the end of a string) won’t work with nullptr. In some cases, NULL is #define NULL 0, as the integer constant 0 … Read more

Write Array to Excel Range

This is an excerpt from method of mine, which converts a DataTable (the dt variable) into an array and then writes the array into a Range on a worksheet (wsh var). You can also change the topRow variable to whatever row you want the array of strings to be placed at. object[,] arr = new … Read more

Use a .jar java library API in C#?

You can do it using IVKM.Net. IVKM.NET includes an application called ikvmc. Here’s the documentation for this tool: To use it compile your java code into a Jar. Then run the ikvmc program: ikvmc myCode.jar If your jar contains a main() function, it will be converted into an exe that can be run on … Read more

Calling C# code from C++, but ExecuteInDefaultAppDomain() is too limited

There are several ways for a C++ application to invoke functions in a C# DLL. Using C++/CLI as an intermediate DLL Reverse P/Invoke Using COM Using CLR Hosting (ICLRRuntimeHost::ExecuteInDefaultAppDomain()) Interprocess communication (IPC) How to remote invoke another process method from C# application Edit: Host a HTTP server … Read more