Why does closing a console that was started with AllocConsole cause my whole application to exit? Can I change this behavior?

Ah, yes, this is one of the caveats of using the Windows console subsystem. When the user closes the console window (regardless of how the console was allocated), all of the processes that are attached to the console are terminated. That behavior makes obvious sense for console applications (i.e., those that specifically target the console … Read more

How to Clear Console in Java?

If your terminal supports ANSI escape codes, this clears the screen and moves the cursor to the first row, first column: System.out.print(“\033[H\033[2J”); System.out.flush(); This works on almost all UNIX terminals and terminal emulators. The Windows cmd.exe does not interprete ANSI escape codes.

Accessing console and devtools of extension’s `background` script

You’re looking at the wrong place. These console messages do not appear in the web page, but in the invisible background page (ManifestV2) or service worker (ManifestV3). To view the correct console open devtools for the background script’s context: Visit chrome://extensions/ or right-click the extension icon and select “Manage extensions”. Enable developer mode Click on … Read more

CMD Command to delete files and put them into Recycle Bin?

There is a “recycle.exe” command part of the a collection called cmdutils “Recycle.exe is a safe replacement for the DEL command, that sends files to the recycle bin instead of deleting them. Recycle is also more flexible than DEL; you can specify multiple files at once (or use wildcards)” Available at http://www.maddogsw.com/cmdutils (Tool last updated … Read more

Can I redirect unicode output from the console directly into a file?

When printing to the console, Python looks at sys.stdout.encoding to determine the encoding to use to encode unicode objects before printing. When redirecting output to a file, sys.stdout.encoding is None, so Python2 defaults to the ascii encoding. (In contrast, Python3 defaults to utf-8.) This often leads to an exception when printing unicode. You can avoid … Read more