Java Serialization vs JSON vs XML

In general the important question is which client will receive the serialized objects – browsers/JavaScript engines like (node-js), Java client, unknown/multiple clients. JSON – JSON syntax is basically JavaScript and therefore any component with a JS engine will handle its parsing very well – even complicated data-structures will be converted to “living” objects efficiently. JSON … Read more

Pythonic Style for Multiline List Comprehension [duplicate]

PEP 8 kinda predates list comprehensions. I usually break these up over multiple lines at logical locations: memberdef_list = [elem for elem in from_cache(classname, ‘memberdefs’) if elem.argsstring != ‘[]’ and ‘std::string’ in null2string(elem.vartype)] Mostly though, I’d forgo the involved test there in the first place: def stdstring_args(elem): if elem.argstring == ‘[]’: return False return ‘std::string’ … Read more

django 1.7 migrations — how do I clear all migrations and start over from scratch?

So the step-by-step plan I outlined in my question does work, but instead of deleting rows from the south_migrationhistory database table, I had to delete rows from the django_migrations database table. The command is: DELETE FROM django_migrations WHERE app=’my_app’ Once this is done, you will be able to re-run your migrations from scratch.