Is it possible to insert into two tables at the same time?

In one statement: No. In one transaction: Yes BEGIN TRANSACTION DECLARE @DataID int; INSERT INTO DataTable (Column1 …) VALUES (….); SELECT @DataID = scope_identity(); INSERT INTO LinkTable VALUES (@ObjectID, @DataID); COMMIT The good news is that the above code is also guaranteed to be atomic, and can be sent to the server from a client … Read more

Storing query results into a variable and modifying it inside a Stored Procedure

Yup, this is possible of course. Here are several examples. — one way to do this DECLARE @Cnt int SELECT @Cnt = COUNT(SomeColumn) FROM TableName GROUP BY SomeColumn — another way to do the same thing DECLARE @StreetName nvarchar(100) SET @StreetName = (SELECT Street_Name from Streets where Street_ID = 123) — Assign values to several … Read more