Only nested classes can be static. By doing so you can use the nested class without having an instance of the outer class.

class OuterClass {
    public static class StaticNestedClass {

    public class InnerClass {

    public InnerClass getAnInnerClass() {
        return new InnerClass();

    //This method doesn't work
    public static InnerClass getAnInnerClassStatically() {
        return new InnerClass();

class OtherClass {
    //Use of a static nested class:
    private OuterClass.StaticNestedClass staticNestedClass = new OuterClass.StaticNestedClass();

    //Doesn't work
    private OuterClass.InnerClass innerClass = new OuterClass.InnerClass();

    //Use of an inner class:
    private OuterClass outerclass= new OuterClass();
    private OuterClass.InnerClass innerClass2 = outerclass.getAnInnerClass();
    private OuterClass.InnerClass innerClass3 = InnerClass();

Sources :

  • Oracle tutorial on nested classes

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