How to build project-wide UML diagram in IntelliJ IDEA?

Right click on your package no matter which. Click Diagrams > Show Diagram (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U). You will see your package in diagram editor. Now: You can expand (E) or collapse (C) all nodes. You can show dependencies You can show many attributes of nodes (constructors, methods, properties…) You can drag&drop other packages from project explorer. So, … Read more

UML for C programming language [closed]

I don’t know of any existing resources that discuss using UML specifically for C. As others have mentioned, UML is language-agnostic. Keep in mind that with UML, you can have a model for the problem domain, and another for the implementation. Try not to model the problem domain in terms of C, but rather as … Read more

Difference between dependency and composition?

The difference can be seen in the two constructors: Dependency: The Address object comes from outside, it’s allocated somewhere else. This means that the Address and Employee objects exists separately, and only depend on each other. Composition: Here you see that a new Engine is created inside Car. The Engine object is part of the … Read more

C# code to class diagram [closed]

Try NClass it’s cool in short , I have tried it myself. Features: Simple User Interface. Free UML class diagram tool specially for C#. From diagram to Code generation. Classic style class diagrams. Visual Studio style class diagrams 😉 NOTE: If you are a student then your school or university can provide you Visual Studio … Read more

What is the UML analogue to the Data Flow Diagram from Structured Analysis?

Probably the closest thing is the activity diagram. It’s not quite the same; more influenced by flow chart than dfd. However: you can do some of the useful things in DFDs, e.g. ADs do support concurrency and differentiate control flow from dataflow. More details on comparisons & differences in this question. [fwiw, I still use … Read more