Accessing Collection Variables in Postman

Collection variables You can access collection variables (and all variables) in the pre-request and test script sections using pm.variables.get(“variableName”). However, you can only define and update collection variables by editing the collection details via modal. Note: For your current solution using environment variables getting messy, remember you can always use pm.environment.set() to reset the value … Read more

Error: Maximum response size reached get method Json object along with file part (Spring boot rest api)

This is a Postman specific error and it is generated because there is a Max Response Size limit available in the settings. By default it is 50 MB. Which means, Postman will fail the request if the response size exceeds 50 MBs. Since, you are receiving JSON data along with file part or file base64 … Read more

Add csv file to HTTP POST

This can be done using Select the POST method and type the url In the Body menu header, click on form-data check-box In the key-value form that comes, 3.1 add the key as fisier 3.2 Choose the type as File from the dropdown near the key 3.3 A file chooser button opens, click it, borwse … Read more

can’t get response status code with JavaScript fetch [duplicate]

The status code is the status property on the response object. Also, unless you’re using JSON with your error responses (which some people do, of course), you need to check the status code (or the ok flag) before calling json: fetch(`${baseUrl}api/user/login`, { credentials: “include”, // ยน See note below headers: myHeaders }) .then(function(response) { console.log(response.status); … Read more

Get and store the value of a cookie using Postman [closed]

You could use the pm.environment.set(‘my_cookie’, pm.cookies.get(‘JSESSIONID’)) function in the Tests tab and store it as an environment variable. This can then be used in the next Request Body (If chaining them together) or in any Request Body or Request Header by referencing the value using the {{my_cookie}} syntax. A very similar issue can be found … Read more