Delete postman cache

Cache-Control request header can be used but one thing to clarify no-cache does not mean do not cache. In fact, it means on every HTTP request it “revalidate with server” before using any cached response. If the server says that the resource is still valid then the cache will still use the cached version. while … Read more

How to compute a md5 hash in a pre-request script in PostMan?

You can create the following pre-request script provided your parameters are defined environment variables. You would need to tweak this example if they are defined in some other fashion. // Access your env variables like this var str_1 = environment.variable_1 + environment.variable_2; // Or get your request parameters var str_2 =[“foo”] +[“bar”]; // … Read more

Sending multipart/mixed content with Postman Chrome extension

I was facing this problem too. Short answer: remove the Content-Type header from your Postman request. The long story is that the Content-Type for a multipart request should be rather special — it should look kind of like this: multipart/form-data; boundary=—-WebKitFormBoundaryzeZR8KqAYJyI2jPL The problem is that the boundary is important and it needs to exactly match … Read more