Delete postman cache

Cache-Control request header can be used but one thing to clarify no-cache does not mean do not cache. In fact, it means on every HTTP request it “revalidate with server” before using any cached response. If the server says that the resource is still valid then the cache will still use the cached version. while … Read more

View postman request when redirects

In Settings, turn off “Automatically follow redirects”. Automatically follow redirects: Prevent requests that return a 300-series response from being automatically redirected. from

Export all collections in postman

You can export all APIs, Collections, Environments, Globals, and Header Presets to a single data dump zip file. To open the Data tab in the app (v8): Settings > Data Tab > Export Data Selecting Export Data will take you to the area where you can download all data from your account. You will receive … Read more

Exporting Test Collections in Postman Jetpack

The answers above work well if you only want to export one collection. If you have many collections and want to export them all, there’s a better way: Wrench icon (top-right) -> Settings -> Data tab -> Export Data -> Download This will create a single json file with all your collections.

Bearer token in postman

I’m not sure if those 2 images are from the same Postman application or not but the Bearer Token feature only came in on version 5.3.0. You can just manually add an Authorization Request Header with a Bearer <my_token> value. This is just a dummy value for demo purposes – The actual value should be … Read more