Accessing up-to-date state from within a callback

For your scenario (where you cannot keep creating new callbacks and passing them to your 3rd party library), you can use useRef to keep a mutable object with the current state. Like so: function Card(title) { const [count, setCount] = React.useState(0) const [callbackSetup, setCallbackSetup] = React.useState(false) const stateRef = useRef(); // make stateRef always have … Read more

How to submit form component in modal dialogue using antd react component library

There is a new solution that looks much cleaner: <Form id=”myForm”> … <Modal … footer={[ <Button form=”myForm” key=”submit” htmlType=”submit”> Submit </Button> ]} > <CustomForm /> </Modal> This works because of the Button’s form attribute. Browser support Original solution’s author:

Next.js getServerSideProps show loading

Here is an example using hooks. pages/_app.js import Router from “next/router”; export default function App({ Component, pageProps }) { const [loading, setLoading] = React.useState(false); React.useEffect(() => { const start = () => { console.log(“start”); setLoading(true); }; const end = () => { console.log(“finished”); setLoading(false); };“routeChangeStart”, start);“routeChangeComplete”, end);“routeChangeError”, end); return () => { … Read more

Failed to run jetifier React Native

Use this : step 1: add these two lines in Visit for complete guideline android.useAndroidX=true android.enableJetifier=true step 2: use these commands First of all remove node_modules folder and reinstall it using npm install or yarn and then npm install –save-dev jetifier npx jetify npx react-native run-android Call npx jetify every time when (your dependencies … Read more