How to submit form component in modal dialogue using antd react component library

There is a new solution that looks much cleaner: <Form id=”myForm”> … <Modal … footer={[ <Button form=”myForm” key=”submit” htmlType=”submit”> Submit </Button> ]} > <CustomForm /> </Modal> This works because of the Button’s form attribute. Browser support Original solution’s author:

Failed to run jetifier React Native

Use this : step 1: add these two lines in Visit for complete guideline android.useAndroidX=true android.enableJetifier=true step 2: use these commands First of all remove node_modules folder and reinstall it using npm install or yarn and then npm install –save-dev jetifier npx jetify npx react-native run-android Call npx jetify every time when (your dependencies … Read more

Where should I put images files in React project?

Adding images in the public folder and the src folder both are acceptable methods, however, importing images into your component has the benefit that your assets will be handled by the build system, and will receive hashes which improves caching/performance. You’ll also have the added benefit that it will throw an error if the file … Read more

Why React event handler is not called on dispatchEvent?

React uses its own events system with SyntheticEvents (prevents browser incompatabilities and gives react more control of events). Using TestUtils correctly creates such a event which will trigger your onChange listener. The dispatchEvent function on the other hand will create a “native” browser event. But the event handler you have is managed by react and … Read more

How to rerender component in useEffect Hook

Think of your useEffect as a mix of componentDidMount, componentDidUpdate, and componentWillUnmount, as stated in the React documentation. To behave like componentDidMount, you would need to set your useEffect like this: useEffect(() => console.log(‘mounted’), []); The first argument is a callback that will be fired based on the second argument, which is an array of … Read more