Git excludesfile for a branch

Git does not support per-branch excludes files You’re trying to achieve something that Git does not support. The blog post is the original source of this hoax that the Stack Overflow answer only parroted. As noted in comments under that answer, even the original blog post contains a discussion that brings out that the solution … Read more

Setting up and using Meld as your git difftool and mergetool on a Mac

Download the latest .dmg package for Mac from here: Meld for OSX Set meld as your git difftool/mergetool by editing your ~/.gitconfig and adding the following lines, as mentioned in the above link: [diff] tool = meld [difftool] prompt = false [difftool “meld”] trustExitCode = true cmd = open -W -a Meld –args \”$LOCAL\” \”$PWD/$REMOTE\” … Read more

How to configure “git pull –ff-only” and “git merge –no-ff”

That shouldn’t be the case, according to the git-config man page on pull.ff: (…) When set to only, only such fast-forward merges are allowed (equivalent to giving the –ff-only option from the command line). This setting overrides merge.ff when pulling. The configuration pull.ff has been introduced in Git 2.x, so it won’t work as expected … Read more

What is git hawser?

I found the change in my .gitconfig coincided with an update to github for mac exactly, which is why I labeled it as such in my repo. As to what Hawser actually is, Github for mac has it bundled at the /Applications/ path. running the executable with –help=false yields: git-hawser/0.4.0 (GitHub; darwin amd64; git 2.3.0; … Read more

Git configuration doesn’t work

You’re not using the correct syntax: there shouldn’t be any equal sign between and “My name”, or between and “[email protected]”. For instance, when you run git config –global = “My Name” the command interprets the = character as the string value passed to the key, and the rest of the line … Read more