How to speed up / parallelize downloads of git submodules using git clone –recursive?

With git 2.8 (Q12016), you will be able to initiate the fetch of submodules… in parallel! See commit fbf7164 (16 Dec 2015) by Jonathan Nieder (artagnon). See commit 62104ba, commit fe85ee6, commit c553c72, commit bfb6b53, commit b4e04fb, commit 1079c4b (16 Dec 2015) by Stefan Beller (stefanbeller). (Merged by Junio C Hamano — gitster — in … Read more

Git svn clone: How to defer fetch of revision history

I found out how it can be done. The trick is not to use git svn clone. Instead, use git svn init and git svn fetch individually. Modified the example: URL= REV=`svn info $URL |grep Revision: | awk ‘{print $2}’` PROJECT_FOLDER=google-web-toolkit-readonly mkdir $PROJECT_FOLDER cd !$ #goes into dir named $PROJECT_FOLDER git svn init -s $URL … Read more

Progress indicator for git clone

Not really. There are various stages to git clone: discover the objects that need to be sent (“Counting objects: nnn”) compress and send those objects index the received pack check out received files Stage 1 involves walking through the commit graph from each branch head finding all the commits and associated objects: since there is … Read more

the git clone is empty? why this happens

This particular git repository seems to not have any contents on its master branch, which is the branch git checks out by default. It does however have another branch: % git branch -a * master remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master remotes/origin/android-msm-2.6.35 remotes/origin/master So if you check out this branch: % git checkout android-msm-2.6.35 Checking out files: 100% … Read more

How do I clone a large Git repository on an unreliable connection?

The repository is accessible via the http protocol (aka dumb protocol) here: You can download everything here with wget or another download manager, and you’ll have a clone of the repository. After that, you rename the directory from core.git to .git, and use the following command to tell git about the remote url: $ … Read more

Clone multiple git repositories in one local directory?

This is how almost solved for myself: git clone && \ git clone && \ git clone This is way easier to build using a code editor like Sublime or VSCode. The only downside for me: If you did not store your credentials, you’re gonna have to type it over and over.