Saving a Uint8Array to a binary file

These are utilities that I use to download files cross-browser. The nifty thing about this is that you can actually set the download property of a link to the name you want your filename to be. FYI the mimeType for binary is application/octet-stream var downloadBlob, downloadURL; downloadBlob = function(data, fileName, mimeType) { var blob, url; … Read more

Delete files from directory if filename contains a certain word

To expand on Henk’s answer, you need: string rootFolderPath = @”C:\\SomeFolder\\AnotherFolder\\FolderCOntainingThingsToDelete”; string filesToDelete = @”*DeleteMe*.doc”; // Only delete DOC files containing “DeleteMe” in their filenames string[] fileList = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(rootFolderPath, filesToDelete); foreach(string file in fileList) { System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(file + “will be deleted”); // System.IO.File.Delete(file); } BE VERY CAREFUL! Note that I’ve commented out the delete command. Run … Read more

How to save each line of text file as array through powershell

The Get-Content command returns each line from a text file as a separate string, so will give you an array (so long as you don’t use the -Raw parameter; which causes all lines to be combined to a single string). [string[]]$arrayFromFile = Get-Content -Path ‘C:\USER\Documents\Collections\collection.txt’ In his excellent answer, mklement0 gives a lot more detail … Read more

How to read/write a binary file?

Reading and writing binary files is pretty much the same as any other file, the only difference is how you open it: unsigned char buffer[10]; FILE *ptr; ptr = fopen(“test.bin”,”rb”); // r for read, b for binary fread(buffer,sizeof(buffer),1,ptr); // read 10 bytes to our buffer You said you can read it, but it’s not outputting … Read more

^@ symbol in vim

That is the null character, in a format (which Vim uses a lot, as you’ve probably noticed) called caret notation. Basically, somehow you’re getting bytes full of zeros into your file. Since we don’t know what your utility is doing, if it’s the culprit, you’ll need to show us some code if you want us … Read more