Stuck in a git rebase … how to reset

To escape from corrupted git rebase you can do the following

  1. Reset to a known state. You can find out from which commit you started your rebase with git reflog.

For example, reflog will give you the following. The rebase starting point is the last rebase (start) or rebase -i (start) if you did an interactive rebase. Here it is HEAD@{1}:

$ git reflog
f10ccfed (HEAD) HEAD@{0}: rebase : fast-forward
383aa038 (origin/master, origin/HEAD) HEAD@{1}: rebase (start): checkout HEAD~10
0600cf7e (origin/Files, master, Files) HEAD@{4}: checkout: moving from master to Files
0600cf7e (origin/Files, master, Files) HEAD@{5}: commit: fixes
f10ccfed (HEAD) HEAD@{6}: commit: refactoring

So what you need is:

git checkout master # assuming you were on master
git reset --hard HEAD@{1}
  1. Remove the rebase-merge folder
rm -rf .git/rebase-merge

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