React js onClick can’t pass value to method

Easy Way

Use an arrow function:

return (
  <th value={column} onClick={() => this.handleSort(column)}>{column}</th>

This will create a new function that calls handleSort with the right params.

Better Way

Extract it into a sub-component.
The problem with using an arrow function in the render call is it will create a new function every time, which ends up causing unneeded re-renders.

If you create a sub-component, you can pass handler and use props as the arguments, which will then re-render only when the props change (because the handler reference now never changes):


class TableHeader extends Component {
  handleClick = () => {

  render() {
    return (
      <th onClick={this.handleClick}>

Main component

{ => (

Old Easy Way (ES5)

Use .bind to pass the parameter you want, this way you are binding the function with the Component context :

return (
  <th value={column} onClick={this.handleSort.bind(this, column)}>{column}</th>

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