#ifdef replacement in the Swift language

Yes you can do it.

In Swift you can still use the “#if/#else/#endif” preprocessor macros (although more constrained), as per Apple docs. Here’s an example:

    let a = 2
    let a = 3

Now, you must set the “DEBUG” symbol elsewhere, though. Set it in the “Swift Compiler – Custom Flags” section, “Other Swift Flags” line. You add the DEBUG symbol with the -D DEBUG entry.

As usual, you can set a different value when in Debug or when in Release.

I tested it in real code and it works; it doesn’t seem to be recognized in a playground though.

You can read my original post here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: -DDEBUG=1 doesn’t work. Only -D DEBUG works. Seems compiler is ignoring a flag with a specific value.

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