How to use python typing.Annotated?

Annotated in python allows devs to declare type of a reference and and also to provide additional information related to it.

name = Annotated[str, "first letter is capital"]

This tells that name is of type str and that name[0] is a capital letter.

On its own Annotated does not do anything other than assigning extra information (metadata) to a reference. It is up to another code, which can be a library, framework or your own code, to interpret the metadata and make use of it.

For example FastAPI uses Annotated for data validation:

def read_items(q: Annotated[str, Query(max_length=50)])

Here the parameter q is of type str with a maximum length of 50. This information was communicated to FastAPI (or any other underlying library) using the Annotated keyword.

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