How to make a namespace alias available only to a class

Namespace alias in the class definition is illegal, as specified by the language specification.

Its allowed in only in namespace scope or function scope.

You can make an alias at the namespace scope. But this will create a permanent alias which can be used from other files as well. However, the solution is simple: you can use an unnamed namespace to prevent the alias (and therefore all symbols from the big namespace) from being visible from other files. This is how it can be done:

namespace myspace
    namespace   //this is unnamed namespace
       namespace abc = a_big_namespace;     
    struct MyClass 
      void fn() 
         abc::test();  //don't worry, this will work!


myspace::abc::test(); //error - that means, prevention worked.

The alias is not visible from other files. When compiling OtherFile.cpp, GCC (4.5.0) says,

‘myspace::abc’ has not been declared

That proves the alias abc is visible only in MyFile.cpp. Thanks to the unnamed namespace.

Demo: (though it doesn’t demonstrate OtherFile concept since I cannot have more than one file at

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