How do I use XPath with a default namespace with no prefix?

The configuration element is in the unnamed namespace, and the MyNode is bound to the lcmp namespace without a namespace prefix.

This XPATH statement will allow you to address the MyNode element without having declared the lcmp namespace or use a namespace prefix in your XPATH:

/configuration/*[namespace-uri()='lcmp' and local-name()='MyNode']

It matches any element that is a child of configuration and then uses a predicate filer with namespace-uri() and local-name() functions to restrict it to the MyNode element.

If you don’t know which namespace-uri’s will be used for the elements, then you can make the XPATH more generic and just match on the local-name():


However, you run the risk of matching different elements in different vocabularies(bound to different namespace-uri’s) that happen to use the same name.

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