E/libEGL: validate_display:99 error 3008 (EGL_BAD_DISPLAY) API 24 or higher

After reading through different documentations and questions with a similar issue to yours it seems like WebView was one cause of the problem where users simply removed the implementation which resolved their error. In this github thread a user had this solution:

I had the same issue when I tried to load webview on Dialog. If I load
webview on activity, it works well.

This github issue thread also seems to go through similar issues.

This stackoverflow question also had a problem with WebView which was resolved by:

After a few weeks, I found out this
which explains the changes of api 21. Take a look at the WebView part
that says:

If your application works with API level 21 or later:

  • The system locks mixed content and third-party cookies by default. To allow mixed content and third-party cookies, use the methods
    setMixedContentMode() and setAcceptThirdPartyCookies(),

So, I only added these configurations into WebViewand it worked


    CookieManager.getInstance().setAcceptThirdPartyCookies(mWebView, true);


And according to what I have read and the issue is related to WebView is the first step to go. But it seems like the issue you have with the API version 24 or above is very similar to the topics I linked to. So my suggestion would be to try the answer found in the stackoverflow question and if that does not work maybe read through the solutions from the github issues.

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