Create batches in LINQ

You don’t need to write any code. Use MoreLINQ Batch method, which batches the source sequence into sized buckets (MoreLINQ is available as a NuGet package you can install):

int size = 10;
var batches = sequence.Batch(size);

Which is implemented as:

public static IEnumerable<IEnumerable<TSource>> Batch<TSource>(
                  this IEnumerable<TSource> source, int size)
    TSource[] bucket = null;
    var count = 0;

    foreach (var item in source)
        if (bucket == null)
            bucket = new TSource[size];

        bucket[count++] = item;
        if (count != size)

        yield return bucket;

        bucket = null;
        count = 0;

    if (bucket != null && count > 0)
        yield return bucket.Take(count).ToArray();

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