Why should i use Drools? [closed]

Fanatics of all stripes should be questioned, no matter what topic they rave about.

Data-driven decision tables are a perfectly good way to implement complex behavior. On the day it doesn’t scale or perform to your requirements, perhaps you’ll want to consider something else.

I wouldn’t want to make a technology swap in working production code unless I had a compelling reason. It would take a lot more than fan boy lobbying.

If you’re really interested, do a PoC and get some real data. If not, learn how to politely smile and ignore them.

I’ve answered about this before:

Rules Engine – pros and cons

UPDATE: If it’s your boss, and you can’t dismiss, then make it interface based and try a Drools implementation in a PoC. If you’re using Spring, inject one and then the other, measuring performance under a meaningful production rated load. Get some real data – maybe you’ll both learn something.

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