Why doesn’t Python app print anything when run in a detached docker container?

Finally I found a solution to see Python output when running daemonized in Docker, thanks to @ahmetalpbalkan over at GitHub. Answering it here myself for further reference :

Using unbuffered output with

CMD ["python","-u","main.py"]

instead of

CMD ["python","main.py"]

solves the problem; you can see the output now (both, stderr and stdout) via

docker logs myapp

why -u ref

- print is indeed buffered and docker logs will eventually give you that output, just after enough of it will have piled up
- executing the same script with python -u gives instant output as said above
- import logging + logging.warning("text") gives the expected result even without -u

what it means by python -u ref. > python –help | grep — -u

-u     : force the stdout and stderr streams to be unbuffered;

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